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A piece of the jigsaw of Greek History belongs to the city of Kalamata, built in the feet of “Taygetos” mountains, almost in the center of “Messinian” gulf.

The city of Kalamata has on the right “Messini”, “Petalidi”, “Agios Andreas” and “Koroni” that supplement the jigsaw of our history, while on the left side stands tall a part of “Messiniaki Mani” with its own pieces in the jigsaw of the rich Greek History.

Starting from “Verga” passing “Mikri Mantinia”, crossing “Arxontiko” and “Paliochora” just 10 km outside the city of Kalamata and after the beautiful landscapes of green (forests, mountains) and blue (sea) you think that you reached the end of the road where your eyes meet with the infinite dressed in blue.

The sky and the sea become one and you have reached “AKROGIALI AVIAS”, where the apartment complex “MOIREAS APARTMENTS” is situated.

Staying there, the joy of the senses continues, dancing in “Santova” and “Kitries” and from there to “Stoupa”, “Agios Nikolaos”, “Kardamyli”, “Oitylo”, the famous caverns “Dirrou” and returning once again in the beautiful “Akrogiali” (MOIREAS APARTMENTS) with a rich album of photographs with beautiful and rare landscapes.

The visitor that selects us, according to his taste and season, can have peaceful vacations or pleasant and exuberant night life, make his tours and enjoy a friendly and warm family environment.

A sure thing is that the sea will charm him starting from the green color morning waters, continuing with blue and light blue in the afternoon and gazing at the beautiful sea bottom from the apartments’ balconies. While the day progresses and the sun is setting behind “Pylos” the orange color dominates making everyone feel awe in the greatness of nature.

In “MOIREAS APARTMENTS” all studios are two and three room providing ample space for a family to enjoy comfortable vacations and for couples to have the sense of occupying a suite, while offering daily cleaning services.

The view is unobstructed for all apartments as they all have front and back balconies where everyone can enjoy the view of the sea and also the beautiful olive groves looking at the top of “Taygetos” mountain that stands imposing above them.

All apartments have amenities such as a fully furnished kitchen with a refrigerator and a cooker which provides the ability for food storage and the preparation of a meal.

Also, all apartments have air-condition and a TV set. In the bathrooms we have products for daily sanitary and health use.

There is also space for car parking for those who they would like to forget their cars and start walking as everything they want can be found in “Akrogiali” from coffee in the morning to tavern, restaurant, mini market, bar, but also delivery services from nearby regions.

Visit us and bring your favorite swimsuit for endless swimming as our apartments are next to the seaside! We will be happy to assist you in any way.

Please communicate with us: 6932641332 – 2721058419