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Holy Monastery of Voulkanos

At the junction of mounts Ithomi and Eva (Aghiou Vasiliou) and between the villages of Ancient Messini (Mavromati) and Valyra in the Municipality of Ithomi stands, majestic and dominating, the historical monastery of Voulkanos, founded in the 17th century.

The name "Voulkanos”, and the earlier versions “Vourkano”, “Dorkano” and “Voulkani”, are probably attributed to some byzantine lord or owner, to whom the area around mount Ithomi belonged. A predecessor to this monastery is the Monastery of Panagia of Korifi (Mountaintop), or Panagia Epanokastritissa, know today as “Catholicon” and found on the top of mount Ithomi, where the Acropolis of Ancient Messini used to stand.

The Monastery of Voulkanos has always been a monastery for men, and never ceased its operation. It is today the only monastery for men in the Holy Metropolis of Messenia.